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The Village on the Hill,
Rooted in Culture, Community, and Natural Beauty.



Once part of an area referred to simply as the “East Side,” the neighborhood of Villa Heights was formed at the turn of the last century by Clayton O. Brown.

These houses, like the ones in Optimist Park and Belmont, were occupied by predominantly blue-collar workers employed in the mills and other businesses along the rail lines. As such, the neighborhoods of Optimist Park, Belmont and Villa Heights together formed Charlotte’s first entirely working-class suburb, where many workers actually owned their homes.

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Its residents helped Charlotte become a leading textile producer and the largest city in the Carolinas. For this reason, The Charlotte News once called it “one of the most important sections of the city.”

Today, Villa Heights continues to offer a sweeping view of the Uptown Charlotte skyline and is once again poised for dramatic growth, in part because of its proximity to the light rail. Its residents have embraced its position as the neighborhood village on the hill, rooted in culture, community and natural beauty.

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And, despite its proximity to a number of mills, the area was called beautiful and offered a “splendid view of the city.”

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